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New Patient Appointment

During your initial appointment a full medical history will be taken, a foot health assessment conducted and treatment specific to your condition and needs will be carried out. All new patients, regardless of presenting complaint will be booked for a new patient appointment.


Routine Appointment

​Routine appointments include treatment for: 

  • Athlete's Foot

  • Corns/Callous

  • Chilblains

  • Fungal Nails

  • Ingrown Nails

  • Thickened Nails


Home Visits

Can't get to us? We can come to you! Home visits can be arranged for anyone who is unable to attend one of our clinics. 

If you need a home visit and have a partner/spouse whom also requires treatment we will offer 10% off the appointment fee.



Sometimes source of pain is not visible from outside. During Biomechanical/MSK  assessment we would check all your joints and muscles to determine what the cause for discomfort is and offer treatment solutions. We can look at general foot pain, joint pain, muscle pain.


Verruca Treatment

Verrucas can be painful and often people find them embarrassing or unsightly. We can manage your verruca and provide advice and treatment options. There are many treatments available and we can discuss which one is suitable for you as an individual. 

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Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrown toenails can often be treated conservatively during a routine appointment however, persistent ingrown toenails may require partial (one side of nail) or the whole nail plate removed. 

Nail surgery is a minor surgical procedure that is done under local anaesthetic.

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